Doug Mau Bio

High Art Studios owner Doug Mau is a lifelong fan of old Travel, Rock, Magic and Fruit Crate Art posters which serve as the backbone of the High Art Studios imagery.

Mau has been developing, designing and manufacturing merchandising items for touring acts from Toby Keith to Missy Elliott to Phish and many others since 1999. Mau started High Art on a hunch that 420 fans connect to the strains they enjoy just like music fans connect to the songs of their favorite performers. He also wanted to create a company like the great artist centric record companies of the 70’s that focused on the art and not on the bottom line profits of the company.

HAS images are created in a collaborative environment where the artist is treated with the utmost respect and dignity. As a designer Mau is deeply rooted in the Mid Century modern style of art. His true passion is to clearly communicate experience through imagery.