High Art Studios is a collective of artists who create artistic interpretations of the 420 experience. The images created by our artists are based on old travel, circus, magic, fruit crate, rock and pop art styles. We create art that is enjoyed by 420 enthusiasts everywhere.

We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality prints, soft goods, and other merchandise and we back it up with a first class customer service program. The art that you see on this site is unique and innovative. If you look closely you will notice the themes we use to build each image around.

Girl Scout Cookie is the magical and mystical woman that people speak of when referring to that strain. Blue Dream celebrates the euphoria of the experience. The mountain morning blend theme of the Golden Goat poster is a nod to our wake n bake friends. Dutch Treat is a lazy afternoon bike ride after the coffee shops in Amsterdam. Look at the corners of the Skywalker OG poster and you will see the image of Darth Vader’s image. High Art Studios’ mission is to communicate the magic of the 420 experience with dignity and style.

We would like to take a moment to celebrate the fact that (11) eleven of our images have been selected to be displayed on the main set of the Netflix TV show “Disjointed.” Chuck Lorre is producing and Kathy Bates is starring as a longtime marijuana advocate who gets a chance to open her own Dispensary. If you enjoy a great sit com then we hope you get a chance to the view the show.

We are proud supporters of those companies that provide much needed medicine to those in need. We work with companies like Sisters of the Valley to create a positive image for these product lines. We are committed to donating 10% of our annual Net Profits to organizations that provide research and services to families who benefit from the effects of medical marijuana. We believe these people deserve to live the best life possible and we aim to help those folks as much as we can.

Welcome, remember to come back often as we are adding images frequently, and most of all please enjoy!

The High Art Studios Team